Custom Orders

We are now offering custom orders! We would love to create your dream piece! Please email: to get started. Make sure to include the following information so we can get started! The more information you can give us the better we can understand and create the perfect piece!

Category - Bangle, Gemstone Bracelet, Sandalwood Necklace

Sizing - If you would like a bangle please make sure to measure before sending us your inquiry. If you would like a stretchy bracelet make sure to include your wrist size. If you are ordering a necklace make sure to let us know your length such as 16", 20", or 30".

Metal - Example - Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Filled

Gemstones - Please advise the type of gemstone: turquoise, amazonite, agate, moonstone, onyx, etc. 

Delivery Date - What date do you need to have this arrive by?